Planning & Assessment

Because all institutions are regularly engaged in strategic planning and assessment, SNAAP data can be used to inform many topics. SNAAP data can:

  • Provide an overview to make decisions about the future direction of the school
  • Reinforce leadership by documenting success
  • Demonstrate that you are involved in analyzing the effectiveness of your institution


  • OCAD University included SNAAP data in their "Strategic Mandate Agreement" with the Province of Ontario (pp. 8, 11)
  • The School of the Arts at the College of Charleston prepared a detailed summary of its SNAAP findings, and used it both for internal purposes as well as for their SACS accreditation.
    • Responses to some of the survey questions indicate that the School of the Arts' alumni regard the School and their education well. The following questions are a brief sample of some of the information in the report:
      • Overall, how would you rate your experience at CoC while pursuing your undergraduate degree? (CoC data + comparisons)
      • Would you recommend this institution to another student like you?
      • Satisfaction with academic advising?
      • Is there anything that CoC SOTA could have done better to prepare you for further education or your career? (open-ended comments)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University participates in both the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and SNAAP. They compared NSSE results (4th year arts majors) with SNAAP (alumni). Both surveys ask about:
    • Overall experiences
    • Would they attend the institution again?
    • Quality of Instruction
    • Internships
  • From the Western Michigan University Strategic Plan Annual Effectiveness Report prepared by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (2012-13) Excerpt:

    Based on assessment data collected from the SNAAP Survey, CFA has been in conversation with WMU's Haworth College of Business, the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at the University of the Arts, SEA (Self-Employment in the Arts), and ArtServe Michigan (a statewide organization advocating for the arts in Michigan) to develop an initiative focused on advancing entrepreneurial thinking and creative innovation. Focus groups and workshops have been facilitated by representatives from ArtServe Michigan with faculty, students, and the college leadership team to explore the issues, needs, and opportunities for integrating professional development activities and entrepreneurial support mechanisms into the college.

  • The University of Colorado Boulder Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis used SNAAP data to document that arts graduates are largely satisfied and "do not view salary levels as the dominant measure of success."