Angie Miller

Angie MillerAngie Miller received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (with cognates in Gifted Education and Research & Statistics) from Ball State University in May 2009. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Hanover College and an M.A. in Cognitive & Social Processes from Ball State University. Her dissertation, “Cognitive Processes Associated with Creativity: Scale Development and Validation” focused on the creation of a self-report measure of creativity strategies including brainstorming, metaphorical and analogical thinking, perspective-taking, imagery, incubation, and flow. Her research interests involve scale development and evaluation of psychometric properties, factors impacting gifted student engagement and achievement, creativity as a higher-order cognitive process, and the utilization of creativity in educational settings.

Job Responsibilities

Research and data analysis for NSSE and SNAAP

Phone: 812-856-1434