Alumni & Donor Outreach

Sharing SNAAP data can be a means of communicating thanks to alumni for their participation in the study. The accountability demonstrated by sharing data can also help you develop and maintain relationships with new and existing donors. Some example below show how institutions have used SNAAP data to reach out to their alumni and donors:

  • Virginia Commonwealth University thanked alumni for participating in the SNAAP survey in its Spring 2013 publication, Studio. (Scroll to the last page)
  • OCAD University created infographics to communicate SNAAP findings to alumni, students, and donors in Sketch, the official magazine of OCAD University.
  • The Houston School of the Visual and Performing Arts shared alumni comments in its quarterly newsletter (screenshot excerpt) sent to donors, parents, alumni and friends.
  • The College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin began sharing its SNAAP results in 2011 with the Dean's letter in its quarterly print publication.
  • The College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin also developed a Web page that succinctly displays selected findings from SNAAP and other institutional data through eye-catching graphics.
  • The Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis created a Web site to share selected SNAAP findings and also profiles one alumna's story and the value of her arts education.
  • MassArts' jobs & careers site uses SNAAP data to talk about the importance that their alumni give to the analytical & conceptual skills they learned at MassArt.