Using Your SNAAP Data

SNAAP is committed to helping institutions use their reports and work with their data. On this page, SNAAP is pleased to offer its live, interactive Webinars for faculty, administrators, institutional researchers, and student affairs professionals who want to better use and understand their SNAAP data. The sessions are about one hour in length.

Putting Your SNAAP Data to Work

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October 2012
Presenters: Sally Gaskill, Rebecca F. Houghton, Amber D. Lambert, Angie L. Miller

Using Your 2010 SNAAP Report

This Webinar walks users through the contents of the 2010 SNAAP Institutional Report. This session specifically includes a review of the various data reports and supporting materials contained in the Institutional Report, details concerning which data were used in the creation of particular reports and comparison groups, and general strategies for understanding and getting the most out of your Institutional Report.

Presenters: George D. Kuh, SNAAP Director and Chancellors Professor Emeritus and Scott D. Jones, SNAAP Project Coordinator

Date: June 22, 2011
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Using Your 2010 SNAAP Data

This Webinar explains the contents of the SNAAP Institutional Data and includes topics such as how to dissect your SNAAP data in SPSS and assess data quality while highlighting useful SNAAP resources such as the Data Codebook.

Presenters: George D. Kuh, SNAAP Director and Chancellors Professor Emeritus; Amber D. Lambert and Angie Miller, Research Analysts

Date: June 29, 2011
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