Sample Questionnaire and Topical Modules

The SNAAP questionnaire is a web-based survey that collects data from alumni through questions that make use of drop-down menus and check boxes. The survey has been widely tested and provides both meta-data as well as fine-grained information. Institutions provide alumni contact information to SNAAP through a secure interface, and alumni receive a personalized invitation (sent by SNAAP) from their institution to participate in the study.

2015 & 2016


SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) PDF
SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) Screenshots

Topical Modules

All SNAAP and SNAAP+ participants can choose one of two topical modules—a short, 20-item question set that is appended to the core survey.

Internship Module
Career Skills and Entrepreneurship Module


2013 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) PDF
2013 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) Screenshots


2012 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) PDF
2012 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) Screenshots


2011 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) PDF
2011 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) Screenshots


2010 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) PDF
2010 SNAAP Questionnaire (Survey) Screenshots