Administering SNAAP involves active collaboration between SNAAP staff and institutional participants. The Institution Interface (see “log-in” in our Web site header) provides a secure portal for uploading all necessary files and managing your survey administration from start to finish.

A Campus Project Manager (CPM) should be selected to serve as the primary contact for your institution throughout the survey administration. He/she will be responsible for preparing survey materials (e.g., invitation and reminder messages, file of alumni contact information), selecting reporting preferences, and coordinating promotional efforts. Most SNAAP institutions select the director or other staff member from Alumni Affairs, Career Services, Communications, Institutional Research, or related office as their Campus Project Manager.

Here is an overview of the annual administration cycle.

April - July 2017

  • Registration opens in April (Become a verified SNAAP contact and register for SNAAP after your account is approved)
  • Early registration discount deadline: June 1
  • Registration deadline: July 14

Summer 2017

  • Institutions research and update alumni contact information
  • Institutions determine consortium participation (optional)
  • Institutions submit alumni file (template provided by SNAAP)
  • Institutions promote the surveyto their alumni
  • Institutions customize alumni survey invitations
  • Institutions work with SNAAP to ensure human subjects research requirements are met (most institutions use the SNAAP IRB approval)

Fall 2017

  • Institutions select one topical module to be appended to the core survey
  • Institutions order break-out reports for specific disciplines or departments
  • SNAAP sends survey invitations to your arts alumni and up to four reminder messages to non-respondents
  • SNAAP send institutions invoices in October - November

Winter 2017-18

  • Institutions customize comparison groups for reports

Spring 2018

  • SNAAP delivers your confidential Institutional Report(s) with comparison information and complete datasets
  • SNAAP provides additional resources to enable you to use and share your data, including institution specific data visualization

Summer 2018

  • SNAAP publishes Annual Report with national findings from the 2017 survey


  • We welcome your questions and feedback!