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  Vol. 1 No. 2
Strategic National Arts Alumni Project
DataBrief provides arts educators and arts policy makers
with highlights of SNAAP data and insights into the value of
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Arts Majors and Multiple Jobs
Arts graduates are more likely than the average American to hold multiple jobs--especially as part of the ever-growing contingent labor force of temporary, part-time, and subcontracted workers. According to the 2011 SNAAP survey of more than 36,000 arts alumni from 66 institutions in the U.S. and Canada, 40% of those surveyed said they had more than one job.

And the data offers interesting insights by major: Excluding double majors, currently-employed architecture majors (22%) and art history majors (24%) are the least likely to be working at multiple jobs, while dance (52%) and music performance (52%) majors are the most likely. Dancers and choreographers are among the most likely to work at multiple jobs; 75% are currently employed in more than one job.
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Arts Alumni: Patterns in Multiple Job-Holding
What kinds of jobs are held by arts alumni who work at multiple jobs? Are they within the arts, external to the arts, or some combination of the two? Forty percent of currently-employed arts graduates who have jobs in the arts are also working in at least one non-arts job.

Dancers and choreographers are the artistic workers who are most likely to be supplementing their income with at least one job outside of the arts, with 64% of them doing so. Conversely, two types of arts educators--those in higher education (27%) and K-12 teaching (28%)--are the least likely to be working in additional jobs outside of the arts.

Additionally, student loan debt has a relationship to multiple-job holding, as 49% of currently-employed arts graduates who acquired more than $60,000 in student loan debt at their SNAAP institutions are working in more than one job. For those arts graduates who acquired no debt, 37% work in more than one job.

SNAAP data also reveal that multiple-job holding is patterned by cohort or graduation year, as 35% of currently-employed alumni who graduated in 1980 or before are holding down multiple jobs. For their counterparts who graduated between 2006-2010, that number rises to 46%.
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Profile: University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts
SNAAP recently caught up with Doug Dempster, Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin for his thoughts on the value of SNAAP data to institutions. Doug serves on the SNAAP National Advisory Board and has spoken about SNAAP at a number of national conferences.

"We're using our SNAAP data for many different purposes--to engage with our alumni, inform prospective students and parents about career paths, and to demonstrate to university officials and accrediting agencies how our students benefit from their education in the arts," Dempster told us. He added: "Most important of all, we're using our results to reexamine the rigor and currency of our curriculum, for the future benefit of our students. SNAAP offers an amazing value, and it would not be possible for us to obtain the comparative results of our peers on own."

The UT College of Fine Arts has communicated its alumni findings through its quarterly newsletter and through an eye-catching website. Read more insights from Doug in an article on SNAAP in The Chronicle of Higher Education available here.
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Last chance: 3 Million Stories Conference March 7-9
What do What do Lewis Black, Frida Kahlo, Steven Tepper and 200 others concerned with the future of arts training and the creative economy all have in common? They are all coming together for SNAAP's 3 Million Stories conference at Vanderbilt University, March 7-9. You can still register here:
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