Amber D. Dumford

Amber D. Dumford became a member of the research analyst team at the Center for Postsecondary Research in June 2008 after completing her Ph.D. in Higher Education (with a cognate in Sociology) at Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State, she worked for four years under Dr. Patrick Terenzini as a graduate research associate for the Center for the Study of Higher Education, where she contributed to the Engineering Change study that assessed the learning outcomes of engineering students, and the Parsing the First Year of College project that used NSSE and ACT CAAP data to examine first-year student experiences and outcomes. Her dissertation, entitled "Women in Engineering: The Gendered Effects of Program Changes, Faculty Activities, and Student Experiences on Learning," focuses on the role of gender in students' learning in engineering education. Amber also received a master’s degree in Public Administration and a baccalaureate degree in Mathematics, both from Indiana University at Bloomington. In addition to her role as a NSSE research analyst, Amber provides research and analytic support to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project.

Phone: 812.856.1205